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Restless and keenly observant, I exist in a constant state of evolution. In this moment, I've discovered my voice, entwined within the contradiction of black and white. Through my keen perception, I've absorbed life's myriad experiences, and with skilled hands, I give them form. My art resonates with high-contrast, monochromatic realism—a visual narrative born from the depths of countless therapy sessions, each stroke a testament to the emotions and insights they yield.

the why behind the what...

Similar to therapy, I see my art as a sanctuary. While it serves as a safe haven for me, I refrain from presuming it offers the same solace for others. Yet, delving into the essence of my art demands a willingness to drop defenses, broaden perspectives, and follow the heart's guidance. While my art channels visions of the past, therapy navigates the course toward the future.

Continuing my global travels, I've discovered more about who I am and how to best utilize my voice. Mental health awareness is foundational to my art. The significance of therapy in my adult life, in contrast to its absence during my youth, propels my mission to assist others in finding their voices by understanding their mental health.

I'm dedicated to leveraging my experiences to advocate for mental health awareness, breaking down barriers, and reducing stigma. Through my art, I aim to empower individuals to embrace their mental well-being and to foster a more compassionate and supportive community

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