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Daydreamer no more

Dwight Perry was a dreamer. He spent most of his days lost in his own thoughts, imagining grand adventures and impossible scenarios. He was always dreaming, constantly exploring the depths of his own mind. As he grew older, Dwight Perry's daydreams became more intense. He imagined himself in dangerous situations, facing villains and saving the day. His daydreams were so vivid that he often lost touch with reality.

One day, Dwight Perry was walking home from work, lost in thought. He imagined himself as a spy, sneaking through the shadows and avoiding detection. He was so lost in his daydream that he didn't see the car about to hit him.

The impact sent Dwight Perry flying through the air and landing hard on the pavement. He was severely injured, but he managed to crawl to the sidewalk. As he lay there, his mind started to wander. He imagined himself as a hero, fighting off his injuries and saving himself from certain death. He imagined himself as a king, ruling over a great kingdom and commanding the loyalty of his subjects. He imagined himself as an astronaut, exploring the furthest reaches of space.

His daydreams were so intense that he lost touch with the reality of his injuries. He didn't realize how badly hurt he was and didn't call for help. He just kept imagining, lost in his own mind.

As the hours passed, Dwight Perry's injuries worsened. He was bleeding internally, and his organs were shutting down. But he was so lost in his daydreams that he felt no pain.

Dwight Perry's daydreams faded as the sun set and the stars came out. He realized he was dying and felt a sense of peace. He imagined himself as an angel, flying up to heaven and basking in the light of God. In the end, Dwight Perry's daydreams kill him. He had become so lost in his mind that he had lost touch with reality, and it had cost him his life. But in his final moments, he had found a sense of peace and fulfillment that he had never felt before. He had lived a life of adventure, even if it was only in his mind.

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