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Lost Calls

Mark had been a man of the city and loved the hustle and bustle of the streets. But as he grew older, he became increasingly lost in his thoughts. He would sit for hours in coffee shops or on park benches, lost in thought while the world buzzed around him.

One day, as he walked through the city, Mark suddenly felt disoriented. He had taken a wrong turn somewhere and had no idea where he was. Mark tried to retrace his steps, but nothing looked familiar. Panic started to set in as he realized he was lost in a city of millions.

Mark's thoughts consumed him as he wandered the streets, trying to find his way back. He began to see the darkness that lay beneath the surface of the city, the poverty, the violence, the corruption.

The more he thought, the more he became convinced that the city was a trap, a place where people went to die. He started to see the people around him as lost souls trapped in a cycle of despair.

As he walked, lost in thought, Mark stumbled upon an abandoned building. It was dark and foreboding, but something compelled him to go inside. The building was filled with dust and debris, but strange energy was in the air.

As he explored the building, Mark heard whispers in the darkness. He couldn't determine what they were saying, but they filled him with dread.

Suddenly, the whispers turned into screams, and Mark surrounded himself with shadows. He tried to run, but he couldn't find his way out. The darkness consumed him, and he was lost forever in his thoughts, trapped in a world of despair and darkness.

Years later, the abandoned building was demolished, and Mark's body was found among the rubble. No one knew how he had gotten there, but there were whispers of a curse that had consumed him, a curse born of the darkness in his own mind

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